“Tony Blanchard is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of the race car. He will bring experience to our company that we feel will be a very valuable addition to the technical service we have always provided our customers. Tony and Race 101 will be a tremendous resource for Howe customers that want to take their program to the next level.”

- Chas Howe, Howe Racing Enterprises Owner/President


"Last winter we decided to send our cars to Tony Blanchard. He brought in Rob "Bucket" Torrey, and they basically rebuilt the cars. We noticed a difference straight off the trailer our very first trip to the race track. The cars were fast, consistent, and they stayed fast in the long run. Sending the cars to Tony was the best decision we've made in a long time. We hired Bucket as our crew chief and it was a great year. Thanks Tony!"

Jeff Lapcevich, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series driver - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


“Tony and I met each other for the first time at a race we were competing in. Tony put a set up in the car that I will admit was not my style at all – but it worked right away. We had a very fast car and would have won for sure, unfortunately we got wrecked with a few laps to go. I liked the fact that he brought in a fresh perspective and thinks outside the box. He’s great to work with. I am looking forward to working with him again.”

- Robbie Pyle, Howe Racing Enterprises House Driver


"Race 101 has taught me how to slow down and talk to people, how to interact.  Race 101 has also taught me a lot about shocks and different ways to work with a car in different situations. I thought being a part of the Race 101 program was a truly great experience and I thank all of you guys for your time this year."

- Matt Billings (2010 RACE 101 Scholarship Recipient) Brockville, Ontario, Canada